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Mac Miller Planet God Damn Download

Same for me! Just tried to download the 2.0 software - it went through the 20 minutes or so process, and right at the end came up with the error - 9838 message, leaving the iphone only able to make emergency calls. The graphic on the screen is requesting that I connect with itunes, but every time I do, the same error message comes up, saying - There was an error in the iTunes Store. Please try again later. Fantastic!! I am now unable to access any of my iphone details on iTunes! Has anyone on the planet been able to successfully download 2.0 I wonder?

Mac Miller Planet God Damn Download

damn thats crazy all this people are experiencing these problems, my stepfather did his this morning and i was in the middle of downloading 2.0 for my phone, then he told me what happened to his and that he was stuck in emergency mode, i'm glad i held off !!! can't survive a day or even the weekend without a phone, goodluck to those who are expericing technical difficulties !!!!


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