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[S19E1] Blood In The Water

Netflix's Spin-off to Vikings, Vikings: Valhalla, is a critically acclaimed series filled with gore, bloodthirst and vengeance. Of course, if you know anything about the fierce Vikings in history, you can expect nothing less. After its popularity, the show was already renewed for a second series (available to stream now). Before you dive straight to the sofa to binge-watch series two, how about some backstory to season one? To what extent was the show a valid representation of Viking History?

[S19E1] Blood in the Water

Five weeks after having a kidney transplant, Nick came to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital to retrieve a liver for a long-time patient of his. After the surgery, he collapsed in a hallway because he returned to work earlier than recommended. Meredith did an exam and ran some labs. He flirted with her and they talked and laughed while waiting for the results to come back and they got to know a bit about each other. His labs were inconclusive, so Meredith did another ultrasound, which showed a clot in his renal vein cutting off blood flow to his new kidney. While she rushed him into surgery, Nick entrusted Meredith with the code for his niece's college fund and asked her to make sure Charlotte attended college, just in case he didn't make it. His worry was unnecessary though, as she was able to remove the clot and save his kidney.[1]

He returned to her hotel room to slide a note under her door but got caught since she was still awake. He wanted to ask her out on a date without waking her up since he had forgotten to ask for her number. She agreed to a date by the lake. Later in the day, she glanced at Nick while walking Amelia back to the car. In the evening, she arrived in the hotel lobby all dressed up only to spot him in casual clothes. He asked her to change and drove her out to his favorite spot by the water. As they listened to the sounds of nature and stargazed, he said he had pulled back on his hours to enjoy life more because he was missing the good little things around him. He then inquired about the top secret project that she was in town for. She admitted to being scared of saying yes due to fear of public failure given the high stakes. Nick knew her well enough to know that she was ready to trade in her safe and comfortable situation in Seattle for the project. He wasn't a safety person either and told her it would be one hell of a ride no matter the outcome. Later that night, she accepted Hamilton's offer.[3]

This week, we're anticipating episode 12 (March 30). The preview reads: "In the immediate aftermath of shocking events at the clinic, the hospital goes on lockdown and the Grey Sloan doctors split up to save multiple lives; Maggie lands in hot water with Winston; Jules' roommate makes a surprise appearance." 041b061a72


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