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The Republican Party of Arizona is launching the Arizona First GOTV Bus Tour

A string of rally stops running from this Saturday to Monday and featuring future AZ leaders Kari Lake, Blake Masters, Abe Hamadeh, and Mark Finchem, current U.S. Senator Tom Cotton, AZGOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward, Ambassador Ric Grenell, Kash Patel, DC Draino, and more. As Democrat candidates try to hide from Arizona voters and paper over their record of support for the liberal policies that have spiked historic inflation in our state, our strong Republican candidates are instead coming out in full force to prove they are the only solution for struggling Arizonans, and to GET OUT THE VOTE across the Grand Canyon State. And this slate will be traveling the state encouraging AZ Voters to make their voices heard loud and clear at the polls on November 8. Coming to a city near you, reserve your spot for one of our Arizona First GOTV Bus Tour rallies

  • Nov 5 – 11 am in Phoenix

  • Nov 5 – 1 pm in Chandler

  • Nov 5 – 3:30 pm in Mesa

  • Nov 5 – 6 pm – Scottsdale

  • Nov 6 – 10:30 am in Tucson

  • Nov 6 – 2 pm in Catalina

  • Nov 6 – 6 pm – Queen Creek

  • Nov 7 – 10:30 am in Scottsdale

  • Nov 7 – noon in Gilbert

  • Nov 7 – 2 pm in Phoenix

  • Nov 7 – 6pm in Prescott

Why VOTE solid RED?

  • Americans’ net worth has been reduced by $75,000

  • Inflation is rampant from overspending destroying savings and retirement accounts

  • Inflation has destroyed 25% of the average 401K

  • U.S. has only a 25-day supply of diesel fuel.

  • Gas prices are the highest in American history.

  • Heating oil has shot up by 40%-plus

  • There’s still a baby formula shortage.

  • The U.S. military is assessed as “weak”

  • Afghanistan bug-out the biggest self-inflicted military disaster in U.S. history.

  • Forced shots hollowed out the ranks of the military, police, and medical professionals

  • Wokeism has decimated the number of new recruits to the military.

  • People praying outside abortion clinics are arrested

  • Democrats surrendered America’s borders to drug cartels

  • Crime rates have doubled in America’s Democrat-run cities.

  • Democrats believe that abortion should be allowed through the ninth month of pregnancy.

  • Judges deny a former president due process because they don’t like him.

  • Democrat leader labels making America great again as “fascistic” and racist

  • Those who don’t agree with Biden are censored on social media

  • Democrats believe people control the weather

  • Biden has done nothing to China for unleashing the COVID-19 virus

  • Democrats endorse sexualizing children in the classroom in the name of “equity.”

  • Children are failing in school after politicians and unions forced school closures.

  • Democrats support lawsuits against cops

  • Democrats have used a willing FBI to frame political opponents for wrongdoing.

  • Democrats have lied to courts to get warrants to spy on a political opponent running for office.

  • Democrats used COVID as an emergency excuse to rewrite election laws

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